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John Ruskin


Kirkby Lonsdale is 'magically'located between two of the most beautiful areas in England.The Lake District & The Yorkshire Dales.

The passions that these two sublime parts of the world engender have been expressed most eloquently by the Poet John Ruskin..

"I do not know in all my country, still less in France or Italy, a place more naturally divine or a more priceless possession of the true 'Holy Land' than Kirkby Lonsdale." John Ruskin.

Ruskin was born in 1819. He was a important poet & writer who was most interested in nature & the environment as the above quotation shows. Ruskin was a friend & defender of the work of J. M. W. Turner as he supported concept of the "truth to nature" painting school.

There has been a Ruskin Museum in Coniston since 1901, when W.G. Collingwood, a local artist and antiquarian who had been Ruskin's secretary, set it up both as a memorial to Ruskin and a celebration of the area's heritage.

If you intend climbing Coniston Old Man, spare time to visit the Ruskin Museum.





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