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Life has many momentous moments but one's own wedding will invariably be the most significant & important. After the courtship & the wooing comes the joy of the wedding ceremony. For this most romantic occasion the setting & ambience of the wedding nuptials in the Lake District would be 'just icing on the cake'.

The Lake District is world famous for its stunning scenery, majestic mountains, shimmering lakes, babbling brooks, gorgeous old pubs & wonderful restaurants & hotels. What a package. What a place to tie the knot. What a place for a Romantic Wedding. What a start to married life. What memories to clutch for the rest of your married life.

Everyone loves a wedding particularly the parents of the bride & groom. Seeing their children embark on a new life. Signing off the responsibilities of parenthood. Passing the baton. But amidst all this excitement lies a smoking gun - the cost of the wedding! The most costly items are the wedding meal & wedding breakfast. Followed closely by the wedding guest's accomodation.

In these days of economic austerity, value for money is important. So, we bring you Lake District weddings special offers which mitigate the cost for a ceremony set in the magnificent surrounds of the World Famous Lake District.

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