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Keswick Jazz Festival

Every Year in May the sounds of jazz permeate the brisk, invigorating air of Keswick close to the northern fells of the Lake District.


New Orleans eat your heart out !


Keswick's jazz festival is mecca for jazz enthusiasts as world class traditional and mainstream jazz are at hand during this exciting event.

Many British favourites like Alan Barnes, Enrico Tomasso, James Evans, John Hallam, Keith Nichols, Spats Langham and Tom Kincaid & impressive international stars like Gregg Stafford (New Orleans Jazz trumpet), Duke Heitge (legendary banjoist), vocalist Jimmy Mazzy, New York's Jim Fryer (trombone jazz virtuoso) and pianist/vocalist extraordinaire Jeff Barnhart are just some of the famous jazz personalities associated with this famous festival.


From Europe let us not forget Germany's supreme reedsman Matthias Seuffert & Holland's storming young Oriental Jazzband . Some110 jazz events are on offer includingthree jazz talks by top musicians.


Jennings, sponsors of the Keswick Jazz Festival, is a fine Lake District Brewery. It was founded in the village of Lorton (situated between Keswick and Cockermouth) in 1828 by John Jennings. Their Cumberland Ale goes well with the jazz!

The Theatre on the Lake in Keswick promotes the festival. If you are a theatre lover, combine a great theatre experience with a break in the beautiful Lake District.


So, Jazz enthusiasts, on your bikes to Keswick next May.


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