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Egremont Crab Fair & Festival


Egremont Crab Fair and Festival was established in 1267 by King Henry III which makes the Fair one of the oldest in Britain.


Ancient and traditional events attract visitors to Egremont from all over the world. So,why not pay a visit to picturesque Egremont on Crab Fair day and enjoy the friendly atmosphere & witness the celebrated World Gurning Championship where contestants pull ugly faces !


Egremont is a small coastal market town on the western fringe of the Lake District National Park.

The Lord of Egremont started a tradition of giving away crab apples, from where the fair gets its name. The Crab Festival also includes the ancient and traditional lakeland sport of Cumberland wrestling.


In Medieval times centuries ago, serfs to the Manor of Egremont gathered wild fruits (plentiful in South Cumberland), and with their vegetables, corn and animals went to pay their dues to the Lord of the Manor & partied at the fair afterwards!

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