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The Central Fells Area is enclosed by The Langdale Valley to the South, Keswick to the North, Grasmere to the East and Borrowdale to the West.

High Raise (Langdale ) is the highest point and the area includes 4 Hewitts and 27 Wainwrights.

The 4 Hewitts of Central Fells are

1. High Raise (Langdale) 762m 2501ft
Hewitt (65th Eng 110th UK) Wainwright (57th)
Explorer: OL4 and OL6 | Landranger: 089 and 090

2. Harrison Stickle 736m 2416ft
Hewitt (77th Eng 132nd UK) Wainwright (70th)
Explorer: OL6 | Landranger: 089 and 090

3. Ullscarf 726m 2383ft
Hewitt (83rd Eng 143rd UK) Wainwright (75th)
Explorer: OL4 | Landranger: 089 and 090

4. Pike of Stickle 709m 2327ft
Hewitt (95th Eng 162nd UK) Wainwright (84th)
Explorer: OL6 | Landranger: 089 and 090

A Hewitt is a Hill in England, Wales or Ireland over 610m or Two Thousand feet with 30m (approx 100ft) 'ascent' on all sides.


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