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Appleby Horse Fair


Set in the Cumbria’s beautiful Eden Valley, Appleby is where the famous horse fair is the focus of the annual gathering of Gypsies and Travellers.


Gypsies have been 'dealing' in horses since time memorial. Before 1900, horses were needed for transporting their caravans around the country - now the caravans are mainly for the tourists.

The Appleby Fair takes place every year during early June. It is a major Lakeland Attraction.

Some 10,000 Gypsies and Travellers attend the fair so you can imagine the volume of horse trading that goes on!


For centuries Appleby has been hosting its famous fair. The earliest date quoted is 1750 but it could be much older. It is the largest horse fair in Europe so if you or your children like horses don't miss it.

Traditionally Gypsies and Travellers park up on Fair Hill , formerly known as Gallows Hill, and trade horses from there. The horses are washed in the River Eden to impress the buyers. Evening campfires flicker among the horsedrawn carriages as the sun goes down after another splendid day at the Appleby Fair.

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